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Friday, 27 January 2012 15:03

*** Update 9 October 2012 ***
Unfortunately this program is no longer paying and the admin has not send out any updates lately. I recommend you do not join this program until things shape up again.

This program has been around since 2008. I first looked at this program early 2011 but decided not to join back then. The website doesn’t look very professional, no integrated payment cards, and in my opinion there was some important information lacking like contact information.

I finally decided to sign up because the owner, Dennis Gerron, gives out a guarantee that you won’t be out of pocket on your monthly dues. I’ll explain more about this later.

So far their track record is flawless and if you see where the owner is coming from you can’t help but feel sympathy.

SDS is an abbreviation for Social Development Systems. SDS Money School (SDSMS) is a Social Entrepreneurial project which evolved out their parent company, 'Social Development Systems' efforts to help people with disabilities become self-sufficient from home.  It has evolved into much more, while still staying true to that original goal at the same time.  

SDSMS will review, and provide feedback on various ways to make income from home.  

Here is the beef.

SDSMS has three income streams, the most interesting option for passive members is the third income stream.

Income Stream 1

To become a member of SDSMS you will have to pay a one-time-only $10 fee. For that fee you are being placed into a 2x3 forced matrix (2 wide, 3 deep). They call this Pre-K Class. Forced means you can get spill over.

This will provide you access to the education, and the group networking, and will also be the beginning of your journey into generating cash from home.

Once you fill your Pre-K, 2x3 "Class" (matrix) you graduate to the next Grade level. You are paid a $40 Graduation Reward when you graduate Pre-K, and that amount doubles with each subsequent graduation.

With your graduation you also create two ‘Mentor’ positions that are being used to fill the empty spots in the company matrix so that everybody, sponsoring or not, gets pushed through sooner or later.

There are 12 matrices. Cycling the 12th grade would pocket you $327,680  
The number of Mentoring positions also doubles upon each graduation.

Income Stream 2
You can optionally purchase a $10/month subscription to the monthly newsletter. For that money you will get their newsletter PLUS you are entered into another matrix as well.

The owner says “To add even more value to your subscription, each edition of the newsletter will strive to offer information that will either make, or save, you at least twice your $10 monthly fee.“

You are also placed into a 3x9 forced matrix (in addition to the matrix that comes with Income Stream 1). They pay monthly commissions on levels 1 to 9 as follows:

Level 1: $5.00 (only 2 required to break even, the rest is monthly profit)
Levels 2, 6: $0.25
Levels 3, 5, 7: $0.50
Levels 4, 8, 9:  $1.00

Total monthly income is potentially over $27k

PLUS, it now comes with a guarantee.

Here is what the owner says about it:

“Well, I am happy to say, that I have figured out a way in which we can level the playing field even more, by guaranteeing that if you are not at the break even point in your monthly matrix by the time your 2nd monthly payment comes due, SDSMS will refund your monthly subscription fee each month until you are.  If you have some people in your downline, but not enough commissions to break even, then we will refund the difference so that you are not out of pocket.  What this means is essentially, that everyone in the monthly matrix starting this month, is assured to receive at least $11 per month commissions regardless of your downline.”

Income Stream 3
Possibly the most exciting revenue potential rests in the back end with the 20% per month for 12 months offer.  However, specific details of this offer will only be provided to monthly subscribers.

I have a pretty good explanation on how this program works and where the money is coming from. In my opinion this looks really good and I’m fairly sure that most of you do not have anything like it in your portfolio. This is well worth your consideration.

If you signed up for the newsletter (see point 2 below) you can ask me for details.

Here is how you can join.

1) Join the program here (thanks!)

In the field Referred by please fill in “Pre-K3090 = oppsincome”  (without the quotes). This is my PreK ID.

You will receive an email from SDSMS with your own PreK ID. This could take a day or so but usually their administration is pretty fast.

2) If you also want to receive the newsletter and want a spot in the second residual matrix please sign up here as well:

In the field Referred by please fill in “Pre-K3090 = oppsincome”  (without the quotes).
In the field PreK ID you have to fill in your own PreK ID.  You will get that by email once you joined the program.

3) If you want to join the passive program you’ll have to wait for the confirmation on the newsletter subscription. In that email is the information you need to join the passive program.

If you joined please let me know so I can keep track of my downline.
I will be helping all of you by buying more positions over time so I can keep things moving for everybody.

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